Podcast Episodes

E05: Nic Verhoeven – the importance of autophagy in health and disease + dietary fats

Welcome to episode 5 of the insulin360 podcast where we talking about autophagy and metabolid health. My guest today is Nic Verhoeven, a cell and molecular biology researcher who is currently working towards his doctorate in molecular medicine in a lab focusing on autophagy. We talk what autophagy is, the different types of autophagy, how … Read more

E04 – Dr Sheri Colberg – Exercise in the management of diabetes and metabolic health

Today I speak to exercise physiologist Dr Sheri Colberg PhD about the use of exercise in the management of diabetes as well as some of the most important benefits for metabolic health in general. We talk about why regular exercise is essential in making life easier for diabetics, some of the challenges that diabetics face … Read more

E03 Marek Doyle Part 2: the ketogenic diet & benefits of an individualised approach

Sections: 4:16 What is a ketogenic diet? 6:25 The single, most reliable sign of ketosis 7:41 low carb vs ketogenic 8:48 Some common issues that inhibit ketosis 11:54 When not to use the keto diet 13:20 The importance of stress management and proper cortisol feedback 14:50 Insulin and ketogenic diet aids: useful herbs and C8 … Read more

E02 Marek Doyle Part 1: metabolic health, insulin dysfunction, mitochondria and organic acid testing

In this episode I speak with Marek Doyle, a functional nutritionist and metabolic health expert based in London, UK

E01: intro, history and basic physiology of insulin

In the first episode I introduce the podcast and spend a bit of time delving into the history of insulin as well as some basic physiology.