E02 Marek Doyle Part 1: metabolic health, insulin dysfunction, mitochondria and organic acid testing

Episode 2 of the insulin360 podcast: part 1 of my interview with Marek Doyle

In this episode I speak with Marek Doyle, a functional nutritionist and metabolic health expert based in London, UK. We talk about what it means to be metabolically healthy, insulin resistance as an adaptive state, the difference between insulin adaptation and dysfunction, the role of the mitochondria in insulin issues and the main drivers of mitochondrial dysfunction that Marek sees in practice including endotoxemia, liver issues and lifestyle factors. We finish off by talking about the organic acids test, and Marek shares some of the key markers that he looks out for when evaluating metabolic health using this test.

Find out more about Marek at www.marekdoyle.com where he runs a thriving practice as well as his Academy program for practitioner training.

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