E04 – Dr Sheri Colberg – Exercise in the management of diabetes and metabolic health

Today I speak to exercise physiologist Dr Sheri Colberg PhD about the use of exercise in the management of diabetes as well as some of the most important benefits for metabolic health in general. We talk about why regular exercise is essential in making life easier for diabetics, some of the challenges that diabetics face when using insulin, some of the physiology behind exercise’s broadly beneficial effects, including on insulin sensitivity, insulin-independent glucose uptake, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects. We also touch on ways to make exercise more sustainable and the benefits of combining different types of exercise.

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3:30 Sheri’s personal story
8:10 Benefits of exercise in diabetes management & history
10:28 Genetic or environmental?
11:20 Using disease as a driver for positive health changes
13:06 What did Sheri study?
14:00 Diabetes among athletes
15:32 Secret #1: exercise benefits – glucose uptake
19:50 Hypoglycemia events
21:18 Metabolic changes in insulin dependent diabetes
25:28 Managing blood sugar in diabetic athletes & different activities
27:40 Morning exercise and meal / insulin timing
33:30 Where to find diabetic athlete info
37:50 Eating before morning exercise? Fasted exercise? Exercise timing.
40:45 Secret #2: keep your muscle tank part empty to stay more insulin sensitive
44:13 What about mitochondrial density and dysfunction?
46:50 Anti-inflammatory benefits of exercise & gut health
48:55 Diet and leaky gut, low grade inflammation
50:00 Exercise as a master anti-oxidant
52:00 Exercise in a pill?
53:42 How to make exercise sustainable?
57:35 Mental health benefits
58:20 Benefits of combining different types of exercise

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