E05: Nic Verhoeven – the importance of autophagy in health and disease + dietary fats

Welcome to episode 5 of the insulin360 podcast where we talking about autophagy and metabolid health. My guest today is Nic Verhoeven, a cell and molecular biology researcher who is currently working towards his doctorate in molecular medicine in a lab focusing on autophagy. We talk what autophagy is, the different types of autophagy, how it’s dysfunction can lead to poor health and disease and what we can do to optimise it such as diet, fasting and exercise. We also get into dietary fats and their effects on insulin signalling. Be sure to check Nic’s site out at www.physionic.org or follow him on Youtube @Physionic.


2:50 Nic’s day job in the lab
4:30 Definition of autophagy
8:14 What triggers autophagy
11:30 AMPK the master switch
14:06 How does autophagy dysfunction lead to chronic disease
21:15 Overnutrition and mTOR activation
25:15 Circadian rhythms
27:12 Cortisol and chronic stress
30:35 How long to fast to trigger autophagy?
33:30 Different tissue considerations
38:50 Measuring autophagy in the future?
42:45 Different types of fasting and their benefits
48:55 Saturated fats and their effects on insulin signalling
55:40 Ceramides and insulin signalling inhibition
1:04:50 the 80/20 rule and finding balance
1:16:16 Next steps for Nic

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